Welcome to The Summer of Sound, Kansas City!

We have spent the last 12 months dreaming of the moment we could gather with friends at a venue to share in the experience of listening to Kansas City’s best bands.  We believe this summer will be filled with incredible shows, great friends, and memories we will have for the rest of our lives.  That is why we are stepping in to bring more live music to Kansas City this summer than ever before.  Supporting the bands, venues, and performers who lost out on live shows last summer and thanking them for the music they shared to help us through the challenges of the last year.

We are kicking off with a series of live shows we recorded over the past couple weeks at The Rino in North Kansas City.  We did everything possible to capture the feel of a live concert experience to prepare you for what we will be bringing you this summer.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy some incredible shows from some of our favorite KC bands. There is more to come and if you want to keep up to date on all of it, send us your email down below.  Otherwise, keep an eye out for more show announcements coming soon.

Thanks to the Pitch team for their support with this project, and their continued support within the KC arts community.


Night Seven

AtticNoise & The Way Way Back

Night Six

A’sean & Faintheart

Night Five

Comedy from Carlos Chamon, Aaron Scarbrough, Brittany Tilander, & Moneisha Williams

Night Four

Fritz Hutchison & Calvin Arsenia

Night Three

They Call Me Sauce & Mason Blaize

Night Two

Blue False Indigo & Larsen

Night One

Other Americans | Forrest McCurren & The Daily Special

Summer of Sound Kick Off Schedule

Wed 3/17 @ 7pm
Other Americans,
Forrest McCurren and the Daily Special

Thur 3/18 @ 7pm
Blue False Indigo

Fri 3/19 @ 7pm
They Call Me Sauce
Mason Blaize

Sat 3/20 @ 7pm
Fritz Hutchison
Calvin Arsenia

Sun 3/21 @ 7pm
Comedy from
Carlos Chamon
Aaron Scarbrough
Brittany Tilander
Moneisha Williams

Mon 3/22 @ 7pm

Tue 3/23 @ 7pm
The Way Way Back

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KC Bands and Comedians
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